Schildering bouwschutting door Tom Vincentie | Foto: Loes van Duivendijk

Welcome at Muziekwerf

Painting construction fence by Tom Vincentie | Photo: Loes van Duivendijk

Making music together

After extensive renovation, Muziekwerf will open its doors in summer 2024. You can come here to sing, rehearse, and perform. Get yourself behind the enormous Flentrop organ and let your creativity flow. Join a gospel choir or even organize your own concert.

Everyone from 6 to 26 is welcome, regardless of experience or skill level. Muziekwerf will provide a stage, rehearsal spaces, and a pleasant cafeteria. In the former Mennonite church, you can make music together every day of the week.

1. Muziekzaal

A resounding mission

From beginner to professional, everyone is welcome. Muziekwerf will become a vibrant meeting place for young people in Rotterdam aged 6 to 26. A place where children are motivated to continue making music together through a diverse range of musical groups.

In Muziekwerf, they can explore music and further develop their musicality by trying out different styles and musical ensembles.

Nieuwe ingang van de Muziekwerf (artist impression) | Ontwerp: Powerhouse Company
New entrance Muziekwerf (artist impression) | Design: Powerhouse Company

The renovation

In collaboration with architectural firm Powerhouse Company and contractor Nico de Bont, the 1951 Mennonite church will be transformed into Muziekwerf. The renovation will pay close attention to acoustic and climate adjustments. This will be done while respecting the existing qualities of the building, such as preserving the impressive Flentrop organ from 1954. Additionally, a new main entrance will be created, giving Muziekwerf a clear identity and an open appearance. Muziekwerf will become an accessible hub in the center of Rotterdam where music can be heard every day.